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A New Way to feel the Relief From Your Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Having Steam Masters clean your upholstery is a very useful means for reviving your home. Appearance, health, extended wear and air quality are just a few of the benefits that you will receive when you have your upholstery cleaned  by Steam Masters.  Not only will cleaning your furniture insure it always looks as good as new, cleaning your upholstery can even be used to avoid the future damages of the furniture, by spills and other home incidents.
Be advised that upholstery cleaning can be the best solution for saving a lot of money. There are not many people who can afford replacing all the furniture in their homes every time it starts showing signs of wear. Dirt is more dangerous and abrasive than you think, as it will make furniture age faster. Therefore, if you want it to last longer, regular furniture upholstery cleaning is the key to prolonging furniture life and saving you money.


Dust Mite Allergies

Are you exposed to up to 2 million mites in your mattress? The mattress is, without a doubt, one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with each day
Allergies resulting from dust mites include wheezing or tight chest, Itchy or watery eyes, blocked nose passages, sneezing, asthma, sinus symptoms, eczema, night-time coughing for no reason, and hay fever. Would you believe that dust mite excrement and skin particles can equal up to a pound per year in a mattress?
We have found that a mattress cleaning is dependent upon a persons health, their environment, pets and personal preference. We normally recommend that a new mattress be cleaned once a year to ensure a better sleep atmosphere. Older mattress's may require more frequent cleanings. When it comes to children, please make it a special priority every few months.
Steam Masters upholstery cleaning is a very useful way to improve your homes appearance and overall air quality.  Clients who want their home to be attractive and healthy as well, will find upholstery and mattress cleaning as a great thing to do.

Anderson Cooper Report on Dust mites

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